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The most important keeper of information is the computer and it is in the fast-moving field of computer science that Bar-Ilan researchers are making their mark.

BIU faculty members are primed to plan the most important conferences on computer science, to work and edit leading journal articles, and develop technologies for autonomous robots to patrol and defend Israel’s borders. Computer science is a dynamic realm which is why the faculty recruited are from the top institutions: MIT, Harvard, NASA and Bell Labs.

The growing reputation for excellence in both applied and theoretical research has also brought BIU mention in ARWU (Academic Ranking of World Universities) to be known as one of the top one hundred best Computer Science departments.

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Included in computer-science research is the study of multi-agent artificial intelligence (AI), a study headed by Professor Sarit Kraus, who has developed algorithms that allow computers to conduct negotiations with people and even with each other.

Students learn Neuro Language Processing (NLP) by working with computers to “develop” unsupervised semantic learning. They are also trained in software and hardware verification. This is the science of creating programs that automatically verify the correctness of the software – a science upon which the multi-billion dollar software industry depends.

Professor Yehuda Lindell is working with his students to create a privacy infrastructure that prevents outsiders from creating profiles of individuals’ online activities. This includes methods of blocking unnecessary information flow, thereby providing secure access to data that is needed.


Computer Science research at Bar-Ilan helps individuals and organizations harness information and applies it toward the advancement of science, improvement of industrial processes and bettering our day-to-day lives. Researchers are strengthening the knowledge-based economy of Israel as well as making important contributions globally.

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The cybersecurity center is a vital source of knowledge for Israel’s government and encourages collaboration with the industry on cutting-edge research questions.


The National Cyber Bureau in the Prime Minister’s Office is a sponsor of Bar-Ilan’s Cybersecurity Center of Research. The primary objective of the center is to promote and carry out first-class research in the fields of applied cryptography and cybersecurity, coupled with the training of graduate students – the next generation of leaders in this field.

BIU artificial intelligence experts are contributing to the development of a computerized system that makes it harder for would-be terrorists to break through a facility’s countermeasures. Work also includes multi-robot patrolling, new modes of cryptography and inventing satellite-based remote sensing systems that provide critical data unavailable through any current methods.

The center is headed by Professors Yehuda Lindell and Benny Pinkas, and consists of faculty and students from the Computer Science, Mathematics and Computer Engineering departments.

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