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Bar-Ilan on the Frontlines of the Recovery

Dr. Zuckerman with Dr. Shoshan Haran, who was abducted to Gaza with her family

Some of the individuals taken hostage on October 7th have been released in the past few days. Faculty members from our Gabi and Louis Weisfeld School of Social Work have been leading the team that is accompanying the hostages arriving back into Israel.

Dr. Zuckerman meets the abducted families arriving in Israel

Dr. Yael Shoval Zuckerman, the head of the social work bachelor's degree program, was recruited to the reserves in order to accompany the abductees from the moment they arrived in Israel.

She is the first face that the released hostages see, and she uses her expertise in the treatment of PTSD to create a smoother return from captivity for those being released.

Working alongside her is Daria Shalev, a lecturer at the school and a psychotherapist by training, who was called up to the reserves to help abductees and their families.

Dr. Zuckerman (in uniform) and Dr. Adin at the Schneider Hospital


At Schneider Children's Hospital, another faculty member, Dr. Sigal Adin, who also serves as Schneider's social work, receives the children who were released and oversees their continued treatment.

For more information, please contact:

Randy E. Spiegel, CEO

Canadian Friends of Bar-Ilan University




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