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Bar-Ilan University in the news

The following are just a few of the recent fascinating articles and interviews with BIU researchers in the international media

Prof. Danny Horesh spoke about those experiencing PTSD from watching footage of the current war in Israel:

Prof. Ruth Halperin-Kaddari spoke about violence against women during the massacre and the failure of women's rights organizations worldwide to condemn it:

Prof. Eitan Shamir interviewed on how the Israeli army will translate the instructions to eliminate Hamas' ability to carry out future terrorism and its ability to govern in the Gaza Strip:

Prof. Eitan Shamir on what happened on October 7th and the possibility of a regional war:

Prof. Eitan Shamir was interviewed about what happens after Israel takes over the hospitals in Gaza:

Prof. Eitan Gilboa on the foreign media's coverage of the war:

Dr. Galit Banzur on the consumption of materials distributed to the media by terrorist organizations:

Dr. Elai Rettig - The state of energy & water in Gaza - Where does it stand now?:

Prof. Hanoch Ben Pazi on Israeli unity during the war and what we need to learn from what happened:

Prof. Aren Maeir A letter to my colleague who didn’t check in:

Prof. Jonatan Rynhold on fighting in Gaza:


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