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Bar-Ilan University in the news: November 23

The following are just a few of the recent fascinating articles and interviews with BIU researchers in the international media

A survey conducted by Dr. Gal Yavetz found that 74 per cent view the IDF spokesman as the most reliable source of information regarding the war:

Prof. Ruth Halperin-Kaddari was interviewed about the violation of human rights against women, and the failure of international human rights organizations to strongly condemn these crimes:

Prof. Joel Roskin's research on the tunnels in Gaza:

Dr. Ephraim Lapid was interviewed on why Hamas concentrates a significant part of its operational activity in tunnels under hospitals:


Dr. Galit Benzur was interviewed about the BBC's incorrect reporting on the war and the mainstream media reporting in general

For more information, please contact:

Randy E. Spiegel, CEO

Canadian Friends of Bar-Ilan University



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