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Support our student heroes

Homes destroyed. Families in crisis. While our students have been called to focus on the battle, we are called to take care of their future.

Over 5,000 Bar-Ilan students are serving on the front lines, protecting our country and our people. These students bear the weight of not only fighting for Israel’s survival, but also the burden of concern for their future.

They’re distressed about how they’ll pay for tuition and if they can manage their rent. Our students are worried their dreams of higher education will be lost.

We must give them peace of mind and hope so that they can concentrate on the battle ahead.

Please see the following message from our President, Prof. Arie Zaban:

Our mission is to create the financial lifeline so our students can focus on their immediate mission.

With your help, we loudly declare to our student heroes – “We have your back!"

Student Costs

Full tuition + dormitory $10,000.00

Full tuition $5,000.00

Half tuition $2,500.00

To donate to the Student Lifeline Campaign or for more information, please contact:

Randy E. Spiegel, CEO

Canadian Friends of Bar-Ilan University




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